In 2017, I began finding moths everywhere. They show up in my life at pivotal times in the most serendipitous ways. Destinies persistence persuaded me to research moths, their nature and symbology. This study gave birth to The Kreative Kind philosophy.

Moths always go towards the light. I identify with this deeply, because my work is solely guided by my hearts desire to serve, to solve, and to shine light on as many people possible. In a world focused on the fleeting pleasures of environmentally & emotionally detrimental consumerism, I fight for a light-lead legacy. Following this vision, is what inspired the central eye within the logo.

Moths are nocturnal, and thus they rely on senses and intuition more than anything else. My creative compass works similarly. Strategy guides the intuition of my clients and their ideal customers though design that speaks to the senses.

MOTH TKK Erick-07.png