In a previous article, I wrote all about types of Instagram aesthetics. If you are interested in going for an ‘Ultra Cohesive & Trendy’ aesthetic, that’s awesome! Me too!

In this article I am going to share everything I have learned about achieving this look. Don’t get me wrong, I am no pro at curating an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ Instagram feed, but that being said, I’ve learned in the process.

First, let’s talk image editing software…

  • VSCO CAM - This is the go to app for editing photos on mobile devices. For more information about VSCO, read this article.

  • Instasize - This is a great app if you are interested in adding more white space around your photos and if you want to create photo collages. The app is intuitively designed and free!

  • Adobe Lightroom - I personally don’t use Lightroom for Instagram but I know that a lot of professional photographers use Lightroom to edit their images. All Adobe software is expensive, but is worth it.

  • Instagram Editor - Just edit your images in the Instagram app itself. I have tried so many different apps for editing images and other than the above options, I have yet to find software that is better than the editing capabilities that come with Instagram.  

Ok, now let’s talk how to achieve feed cohesion and ‘flow’

Start by picking one editing software, picking one filter, and sticking to it! With all of your photos. No exceptions. I suggest you stick with it for at least 12 photos on your feed. At first, limiting yourself to one filter may feel hard. Not all of your photos will look good with the same filter. But this tension during the process will only teach you about your true aesthetic. If you are finding that the filter you have chosen only looks good on photos you aren’t that crazy about and that your overall feed isn’t representing your brand well, then you know this editing style isn’t for you. I went through three different styles of editing before I found what works best with my brand and complements my style of photos.

If you aren’t certain about what kind of feed aesthetic you are going for in terms of colours and filters, here are some examples of feed themes along with how to achieve that look using VSCO. To browse even more looks, click on this link. Also, watch this video on color psychology to understand what emotions your feed will provoke depending on the prominent colors you use. [images]


Ok, now that you have an understanding for editing, read this article about why it is so important to plan your photos in advance. I can not emphasise this enough, if you want your feed to effortlessly flow from one image to the next, this method is absolutely crucial.

Lastly, post for the feed aesthetics, not just for the engagement.

When I first started my journey in trying to achieve an “aesthetically pleasing” feed, I came across a dilemma. I was torn between posting what I knew would get the most engagement and posting photos that would create an “authentically me” feed. I knew that photos of me did the best, but neither did I want my feed to just become a modelling portfolio. I wanted my feed to be about my journey in trying to capture the beauty in my everyday life. And part of this includes posting photos that don’t get a lot of engagement (like architecture, food and artwork images). 

Stay true to yourself; it will attract followers that love the true you. If you keep this in mind, the ebb and flow of your engagement stats won’t distract you from creating a feed that you are proud of.

Much love,

La Ria Hardcastle

Ria Hardcastle