VSCO (or VSCO CAM) is known for being the go to app for editing photos on a mobile device. There are endless reasons why you should edit your photos on VSCO. Here are just a couple:

  • The way filters are categorised is very intuitive. The app organises filters with letters and numbers. This way, if you know that all of the ‘B’ filters look cohesive on your feed, then you have the freedom to edit any of your photos with filters ‘B-1’ through ‘B-10’.

  • There is such a large variety of filters in the app that it is possible to achieve almost any photographic look. And if the filters that come with the app aren’t enough, you can always download more! (some for free, others for a low cost).

  • VSCO documents all of the edits you made to a photo and displays them all in one place. This is a lifesaver when it comes to trying to replicate an edited look for a different photo later on.

  • VSCO lets you adjust pretty much anything! Exposure, contact, rotation, skew, crop, clarity, sharpness, saturation, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, skin tone, vignette, grain, fade and more!

  • The app is designed in such a way that by just tapping on the image that is currently being edited, uses can see the image with or without the edits.

  • As long as you have kept the photo in the app, you can still go back to the original version of an image, even after editing the image days before.

Fun facts about VSCO that are totally irrelevant to Instagram: 

Most people don’t know that VSCO is essentially identical to Instagram in function. You can create a profile and upload photos to VSCO; the only difference is that the layout of the app is more minimal, the number of followers a person has is private and there are no ‘liking’ capabilities.

I created a VSCO account several years ago when the app was first released. At the time, anyone with an account on VCSO was automatically followed by the creators of VSCO. When scrolling through your main feed you would not only see the most recent photos that the people you follow had posted, but also photos that had won VSCO awards and recognition. Last year I won an award for a photo I had just randomly taken on my phone while backstage during a play.

Much love,

La Ria Hardcastle

Ria Hardcastle