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To facilitate higher global consciousness that celebrates similarities & embraces our highest potential.

Marly Benedicto is a multifaceted leader and creator. She works as an empowerment coach, performance artist, writer and activist. She connects with her clients both in private meetings and in large group ceremony and seminars. Her vision is to empower others by helping them shed their fear and allow them to step into their power, their voice, their connection with god, and their true potential. Big picture, Marly is riding a wave of higher global consciousness, unleashing creatives, and uniting governance.




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A Different Way To Stay

Kimpton strives to give guests unique experiences in each of their locations across the world. This means there is no one company-wide look in their hotels (something they refer to as a “Brands of One” mindset). Farm Design was called to bring the Southern California flair and restaurant branding experience to this new pillar in the Palm Springs community.








Project Goals

  1. Uncover valuable insights through research & strategy.

  2. Shape the heart of the brand and reflect the Coachella Valley through naming.

  3. Develop a distinctive brand system with personality.

  4. Create a rich, authentic experience through unique touchpoints and "instagram-able" moments.

Understanding the Rowan and Palm Springs Visitor

The Rowan Hotel branding celebrates the rugged beauty of the desert with a refined and timeless style, creating an oasis that anchors the center of legendary Palm Springs. Steps from the San Jacinto Mountains, a soulful, restorative desert vibe echoes throughout the guests’ stay.

This destination attracts an audience of California locals, national visitors, and even international travelers specifically seeking the Palm Springs culture of architecture, food, music, and an escape from reality.



Getting hands on in the studio and around Palm Springs

The initial kick-off of the project had the Farm team touring the bare bones of the soon-to-become grand Rowan hotel—construction hats and all! Although beginning as an eyesore in the middle of town, the team was enthused at the prospect of what the property could become. Through on-site and off-site market visits and research, the Farm team was able to get into the mental landscape of this desert retreat.

“We create capsule experiences that relate to the local flavor of a hotel’s destination.”

– Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

The Rooftop Restaurant

At the Rowan’s rooftop restaurant-bar, the focus is shareable, global flavors with a Mediterranean flare. The restaurant is throned in a stunning social setting with an intimate lounge area and an open patio with breathtaking views of the city. With an experience that was intended to fill a gap in the Palm Springs culinary scene, the restaurant provides the neighborhood with upscale dining that presents views as delicious as the food.

With an understanding of this intention for the space paired with our research, we began the creative process starting with none other than the naming!



Uncovering Unique Naming Opportunities

An integral first step in ideating names for the upscale restaurant is understanding their key archetypes, competitive advantage and personality of the property. From there, we formulate “word buckets” to capture brand essence. We proceeded with naming the restaurant “4 Saints” to pay homage to the four highest mountain peaks in Southern California with one being the San Jacinto mountains that Palm Springs.

Creating Brandscapes

Exploring design concepts starts with figuring out how the audience will perceive the brand. Using keywords found during the naming process, we created brandscapes that helped define the brand beyond just the name. We leveraged the provided interior renderings and material boards to understand the necessary balance of interior design versus branding design. The 4 Saints story is of a restaurant that embodies a hip, mature, intimate and elevated persona paired with a whole new take on the Palm Springs dining scene.

“We want every touch point of the guest experience to speak to the location’s story and inspire a more meaningful, heartfelt visit.”

– Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Senior Director Connor Smith

Crafting Memorable
Touch Points

We pull elements from the brandscapes to create a unique touchpoint experience. For 4 Saints, there is a certain classic essence to the logo juxtaposed with linear elements that make the overall brand take on a modern and edgy aesthetic. At Farm, we are always finding ways to add something cool yet functional to the experience, like a brass clip on the check presenter that is threaded from the brass accents throughout the restaurant’s interior or even gold foil print techniques to give a sophisticated touch for a simple, refined menu design.


Guest & Press Engagement

The Rowan guests and visitors are taking to social media to show off their experience. The hotel and its 4 food & beverage programs have also caught the attention of the press including Forbes, Travel + Leisure, GQ, and Food & Wine. With 4 Saints ranking #1 on EaterLA’s Essential Palm Springs Restaurants list.

Ria Hardcastle